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NF321 Staple yarn TFO twisting machine

NF321 Staple yarn Twisting Machine

Cotton yarn TFO twisting machine

Machine Application:

NF321 Staple yarn TFO Twisting machine, this machine is ued for staple yarns make twisting, suit like Cotton yarn, Spun yarn, Acrylic yarn, wool yarn, blended yarn like TC, CVC and etc.
1. The take up and the spindle transmission use separately motor.
2. The main technician parameter setting by PLC.
3. The take up, spindle and twisting synchronization.
4. The take up bobbin have automatic lift up function, avoid the bobbin surface scuff while the yarn break.
5. Traverse system use servo motor. servo motor directly connect the ball screw shaft.
A. Ball screw drop into oil, less attrition, long use life the take up shape well.
B. Different forming type, suit different customer's requirement, compare the standard machine the floor space cansave 10%.

Technical parameters:

Dimension (L*W*H) MM

L: (2060+2045 X 9 sections+250) x W: 840 x H:1560mm

Type of machine

Two sides one layer

Spindle NO.

standard 162 spindles

Twist Direction

S or Z

Spindle speed

MAX : 10000r/min

Twist range



Servo motor:1.88kw x1, reducing motor: 2.2kw x1, Main motor:22 kw x 1

Take up capacity

max Ø250

Tension system

capsule type

Electric control

Digital touch screen