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TS008S Soft winding Machine

TS008S Soft winding machine

dying bobbin

TS008S Soft winding Machine

cheese bobbin winding machine

Soft winding machine

Machine Application:

TS008S High Speed Soft winding machine, it's mainly for the Yarn Dyeing preparing using, suit for winding like Cotton yarns, Spun Yarn, Sewing thread, Embroidery thread, DTY, Polyester yarns and etc, and it can take up with Conical Cone or Tube bobbins. It has the feature of High Efficiency and well take-up finished shape, can alleviate the intensity of labor for next processing work.

Technical parameters:

Bobbin type



Double-side, can be 12-120 spindles

Power Supply

Three phases 380V 50/60HZ


Each spindle with a motor Driving

Power Consumption


Take-up package

Tube Bobbin (0°) / Cone 3°30, 4°20, 5°57

Package Diameter


Yarn tension

Each spindle has a Mechanical yarn tension

Auto Stop Device

Each spindle with Auto stop function

Length counter

Each spindle has length counter

Electronic Yarn Cleaner

Optional installed

Air Splicer

Optional installed

Blower cleaner

Optional installed

Lamp System

Optional installed

Dimensions (60 Spindles)

L 11300 x W 1150 x H 1550 mm

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