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TH-11C PineApple cone winder machine

TH-11C Pineapple cone winding machineTH-11C Precision bobbin winding machinePrecision Cone winding machineTH-11C Pineapple cone winding machine

Product Description

TH-11C pineapple cone winding machine(Precision Bobbin winding machine), it's the Computerized type Precision winding machine, it's similar as European SSM, FADIS type precision winder machines, with advanced technology and widely application. The winding speed of this machine is controlled by computer, which has the maximum Mechanical speed of 1100 m/min. it has both functions that can do soft package winding and also hard package winding in same one machine, Precise and sensitive speed testing system can even ensure the winding length (weight). It suit to wind like Nylon, Filament yarn, Viscose yarn, FDY, DTY, Polyester, cotton, Acrylic, High stretch yarn, spun yarns and etc.

Types of winding

program or precision

Mechanical speed

up to 1100m/min (process speed depending on process parameters)

Package shape

freely programmable

Traverse length

147-250mm infinitely variable

Take-up package diameter

up to 280mm

Package weight

up to 4kg

Supply package diameter

up to 320mm

Suit Yarns

textured yarns, filament yarns, Nylon, DTY, FDY, Viscose yarn, Polyester yarn, silk, spun yarns, HDPE yarn and etc.

Take-up tubes

cylindrical and conical up to 5°57′ cone


single sided machine

Number of spindles per section

5 spindles

Max. spindle per set

60 Spindles





Installed power

~280w per spindle

Power consumption

~100w per spindle

Density of winding

Freely programable

Size per section (L*W*H)


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