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TH-16 Pneumatic Hank to cone winder

TH-16 Pneumatic Hank to cone winding machine

TH-16 Pneumatic Hank to cone winding machine

TH-16 Pneumatic Hank to cone winding machine

Machine Introduction:

TH-16 High speed Hank to Cone winding machine, it applied the most advanced technology of positive unwinding in the world, installed the BTSR sensor for online tension and Pneumatic driving hank, can make the yarn tension more steady even in high speed winding, it's easily to operate the machine, can reduce the yarn waste when rewinding yarn from hank to cone.

Types of winding

precision winding/Electronic winding

Mechanical speed

up to 1000m/min (process speed depending on process parameters)

Package shape

freely programmable

Traverse length


Take-up package diameter

180 to 200mm

Package weight

up to 2-3kg

Supply package diameter

up to 450mm

Suitable Yarns

like polyester, DTY, FDY, Acrylic yarn, Cotton, Wool yarn, Sweater yarns and etc.

Take-up tubes

Tube bobbin - 5°57' Conical cone


single side machine

Number of spindles per section

4 spindles

Max Spindle per set

40 spindles




Each spindle Driving individual

Installed power

~500w per spindle

Power consumption

~55w per spindle

Density of winding

Freely programable

Pneumatic hank

max Perimeter 1540 mm

Size per section (L*W*H)